no_neck (no_neck) wrote,

Happy Spiderhole-idays!
Best Christmas ever. Thanks Santa!

Re: The Big Story (Get Your War On Link)
Re: John Kerry’s Pottymouth (Get Your War On Link)

Sometimes, when I’m drunk, I can be belligerent or surly or just plain mean.
I am, however, invariably loud.

I miss not hating all of humanity. Ah, but such is the Christmas season.

I know I'm really back in Chicago when I disembark the airplane only to hear airline employees speaking in Polish.

Just like I know I'm really home when my father and I fail to acknowledge each other's existence.

Our only interaction thus far, on the topic of some questionable cheese---
Him: Why's it so soft?
Me: Brie's soft.
Him: Not that soft.

It's gonna be a long couple-a weeks.

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson makes my cry like the girl I am.

As far as I'm concerned, the correct pronunciation of "Mom" is "Mahm."

[dorner]: Anyone who would name their child (or would willingly go by the name) "Ziad Nimri" can automatically be eliminated from the category "normal people."

Also, incorrect grammar = invalid argument. And eternal damnation (if I had my way).
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