no_neck (no_neck) wrote,

So, one of the questions posed at bar trivia was "Who was the first president to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at an all-star game?" We knew that MLB didn't institute an all-star game until the '30s, so we went through the presidents chronologically, searching for an answer. I immediately discounted FDR, laughing out loud at the thought of a polio-afflicted man confined to a wheelchair throwing a baseball. However, the answer ended up being FmotherfuckingDR in 1937, which (1) makes me look like a big, handicapped-hating asshole, and (2) leads me to believe that this famous first pitch was actually thrown by Eleanor.

Yesterday morning during REM sleep: A doctor has to give a child an injection (actually, a mixture of a drug and the doctor's own blood), but there's no usable syringes. For this reason, I am emptying out the barrels of black Bic® ball-point stick pens, to somehow fashion a working substitute.
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